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Happy Customers Share Their Thoughts


Thank you Mandy!! I had not slept longer than 2 hours in many months, thanks to my darling but booby-loving boy. Now he sleeps calmly in his cot all night, Daddy is able to help out more, and Mummy has some personal space. We are enjoying each other’s company so much more and are all more rested. Thank you!

Mandy Hose genuinely changed our family dynamic, after our twins (11 months adjusted) went from feeding up to 3 times per night to sleeping soundly with a dreamfeed. We were prepared for a traumatic and distressing sleep training regimen, but instead saw positive changes in only a short time. Most of all Mandy was understanding of our situation as a family, with twins who were prem and still very small for their age. She worked with us to develop a plan which reflected our babies needs and our values as their parents. Very happy customers here!

We have 9 month old twins that where still feeding during the night and waking multiple times not being able to settle, which then resulted them coming into bed with us. One and a half weeks later our twins are not feeding during the night, sleeping through for the first time (of course not always), haven’t come into bed with us and also sleeping longer during the day. Mandy gave me the extra tools and confidence I needed to get my babies to sleep better. I feel like a new woman and wish I spoke to her months ago….!!!!

This needs more than 5 stars! I researched Sleep Consultants for quite some time trying to find the perfect one. We hit the jackpot! Mandy is incredible! Having 9 month old twins and moving from the U.S. to Japan sent my girls into an awful sleep routine with the massive 19hr time change! One twin was waking every TWO hours at night, and in turn waking her sister. We dreaded nights as they were full of no sleep and a lot of anxiety. I was a zombie during the days and I didn’t¬†feel like I was being the best mother that I could be! I was honestly one more night of no sleep away from a breakdown! Implementing Mandy’s Sleep techniques have changed our family in the biggest way! The twins are sleeping wonderfully for both naps and nighttime! I finally have some time for myself and for my spouse! My girls have changed so much in just 3 short days! Our twin that was up every two hours was always cranky and developmentally behind her sister in language and many other skills. It is truly amazing what sleep can do! Her language skills have exploded in the last 3 days!!!! She is crawling more and so much more engaged and focused! She had gone from cranky to incredibly happy and we can’t thank Mandy enough for the gift she has given to our family! Having her support through the three days made a world of difference! Right when I would lose confidence, she was right there to give me that boost that we can do this! This was by far the best investment we have made for our family! Our dynamic has changed so much from just getting through the days and nights to days full of giggles and fun. I feel like I am finally able to enjoy the girls and give them the best me! So thank you from the bottom of our hearts for all the love and support you have given our family! There are not enough words to thank you!!!!! We love you!!!

Kimberly Kalani

Thanks Mandy! We are loving the “new normal”! I was worried that sleep training would be traumatic for both bub and mum but this was far from it. I felt able to help her learn to self settle but still able to provide love and reassurance when she needed it. I didn’t realise quite how much the sleep thing had changed our lives. Bub is now happy and gone from being grizzly and needing to be carried or cuddled in the evening to happily playing. She can fall asleep on her own quite quickly without fuss. I now have way more time – have caught up on a whole lot of those “will get to jobs”. I hadn’t even realised how much time it was taking up. Sleeping through the night!!! At the end of the day I still have energy to play. Thanks Mandy from bub and parents!! It’s still early days but feels so good.

Penny Cotton

With so many books out there and different opinions it was so valuable and refreshing having you Mandy give wise advice and encouragement that was tailored to our six week old. We’ve learnt to read his cues and understand him so much better and feel more confident with him. He’s now well rested and thanking you if he could as are we! We would highly recommend to any new parents! Mandy Hose really does know!

Kat Deith