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Thank you Mandy!! I had not slept longer than 2 hours in many months, thanks to my darling but booby-loving boy. Now he sleeps calmly in his cot all night, Daddy is able to help out more, and Mummy has some personal space. We are enjoying each other’s company so much more and are all more rested. Thank you!

Kate Honeybun

Mandy Hose genuinely changed our family dynamic, after our twins (11 months adjusted) went from feeding up to 3 times per night to sleeping soundly with a dreamfeed. We were prepared for a traumatic and distressing sleep training regimen, but instead saw positive changes in only a short time. Most of all Mandy was understanding of our situation as a family, with twins who were prem and still very small for their age. She worked with us to develop a plan which reflected our babies needs and our values as their parents. Very happy customers here!

Chez Conway

We have 9 month old twins that where still feeding during the night and waking multiple times not being able to settle, which then resulted them coming into bed with us. One and a half weeks later our twins are not feeding during the night, sleeping through for the first time (of course not always), haven’t come into bed with us and also sleeping longer during the day. Mandy gave me the extra tools and confidence I needed to get my babies to sleep better. I feel like a new woman and wish I spoke to her months ago….!!!!

Sky McFee